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Tailoring Care to Our Armed Forces

by Shari Hutchison, Project Director
Community Care Behavioral Health Organization

Individuals with military experience don’t always qualify to receive services through the Veterans Affairs (VA) Health System. In fact, about half of individuals with military experience receive behavioral health services through community-based providers instead of the VA.

In 2020, Community Care launched Operation Service Net with a goal of improving access and quality of care for members with military experience and their families.

Under the guidance of Capt. Evelyn Lewis, MD, Community Care offered trainings to providers on military cultural competence and specific conditions relevant to a military population including post-traumatic stress disorder, military sexual trauma, and substance use disorder. Summaries of these six trainings are available on Community Care’s website

Through Operation Service Net, Community Care improved identification of our members with military experience. We developed member and provider handbooks that offer a summary of military cultural competency, the importance of understanding military experience in providing care, and how veterans and others with military experience can find a provider and receive competent care.

Community Care has several staff members who have self-identified military experience, and we thank them for their service—Emily Brazeau, Sam Dout, Kathie Matthews, and Yvonne Jones!

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