Good Health, Better World podcast

What’s the key to stronger communities? Good health for all.

This means caring for both body and mind. Overall health can be improved when we destigmatize and deliver the support needed to manage emotions, deal with stress, and maintain healthy relationships.

Maintaining positive mental health is the key to resilience and overall well-being—and resilient individuals build stronger communities.

The Good Health, Better World podcast series unites experts to discuss some of health care’s most pressing topics. You’ll hear independent viewpoints from community and government stakeholders, as well as the expertise of Community Care Behavioral Health and UPMC Health Plan clinicians and subject matter experts. Find Good Health, Better World on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other podcast streaming platforms. Future episodes will be released weekly. Show notes and more information can be found on the Postindustrial website.

This season’s lineup focuses on behavioral health. Tune in to hear Community Care experts talk with colleagues from UPMC Health Plan about topics like these:

  • Building Resilience through Trauma-informed Care (Dr. Lyndra Bills and Dr. Kimberly Blair)
  • What is Integrated Care? (Dr. Alin Severance and Dr. Charles Jonassaint)
  • Innovation in Behavioral Health Treatment (Dr. Matthew Hurford and Dr. Geoff Neimark)

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